Beginners Guide: A Career in Greenkeeping

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With this week being #NationalGardeningWeek we have been looking into the different career paths which are involved within the horticulture industry. We kicked off the week by speaking with Jean Lanham from The Good Garden who spoke about her views on the importance of hiring young people.

Further to our discussions with Jean we met with David Wade, Head Greenkeeper at Dalmilling Golf Course and his 17 year old Modern Apprentice Greenkeeper, Kieran Johnston to find out their opinions on Greenkeeping as a career for young people.

David spoke passionately about his job with South Ayrshire Council and stated the many benefits which occur from organisations taking on Modern Apprentices such as being able to train young people to the highest possible standard within their chosen profession.

He also highlighted the many opportunities which a career in Greenkeeping can lead to as previous Modern Apprentices that he has worked with have moved to London and Australia to continue a career in this field. David’s full interview can be seen below:


Modern Apprentice Kieran’s passion for Greenkeeping occurred when his dad, who also works in this field, advised him of the great opportunities and skills that you learn through Greenkeeping. It was this advice and support that urged him to apply for the Modern Apprenticeship and he couldn’t be happier in his current job role.

Kieran highlighted he is keen to follow in his line manager David Wade’s footsteps and hopes to progress his career as a Greenkeeper in the future. He states he has learned many skills including team working and time management which are crucial for his job role. He aspires to take his skills and knowledge in Greenkeeping abroad and hopes to travel and work in America.

His advice to young people wishing to follow a career in this field is to go for it as there is a vast amount of opportunities. Watch Kieran’s full interview below:

With South Ayrshire Council giving young people like Kieran a great opportunity at the start of his career there is no doubt his experiences in the world of work will be positive and invaluable. Even though his Modern Apprenticeship programme only lasts for 1 year it is clear to see that Kieran has a bright future ahead of him in the horticulture industry.



(Dalmilling Golf Course – 16th Green)

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