From Veterinary Surgeon to Chartered Civil Engineer


“Pursuing a career in STEM has limitless opportunities”

Wendy Pring, KCP.


National Women in Engineering day takes place annually on 23rd June. This year the theme is #RaisingProfiles of women in engineering with a high focus on the fantastic career opportunities available to women in this industry.

Developing the Young Workforce – Ayrshire therefore teamed up with Ayrshire business KCP to hear how Managing Director Wendy Pring found herself working in this male dominated industry and why Research Graduate Carol Nairn chose this as the right career path for her.

Wendy, a qualified chartered civil engineer, had career ambitions of being a Vet right up until the age of 15 when she received her Higher examination results and everything changed. Not getting the grades she needed meant the career prospect of being a Vet needed to be put to the side and new opportunities had to be explored.

After speaking with her physics teacher at school Wendy decided the career path suited for her would be in the engineering industry as she could see that pursuing a career in STEM had limitless opportunities. Over the years Wendy has worked extremely hard in this industry and is now proud to be the Managing Director of KCP, the company in which she and her husband own.

KCP is the go-to company for anyone who is seeking solutions to waste management issues where they find forward thinking answers to material transfer including gravel, grain, slit, sludge, waste, debris, liquid and dry powders. They also offer a number of additional services including working with major food and drink producers specialising in the removal of food waste, industrial cleaning & maintenance work, working with anaerobic digestion operators and providing CCTV viewing systems.


Wendy with KCP Branded Company Car

Explaining her passion for education and young people, Wendy and the team at KCP have been extremely active in getting involved with young people in Ayrshire and promoting careers in STEM industries. When asked about the benefits of recruiting young people Wendy responded by saying:

Young people bring bags of enthusiasm and will bring your business from now into the next decade. They have new innovative thoughts and are more technologically advanced , they look at things differently to people already in the business.

This has already been the case for KCP having recently hired 22 year old Carol Nairn who is due to complete a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde.

Carol is currently carrying out a summer job within the company as a Research Graduate and describes her job role as challenging yet enjoyable.

Carol states the key skills needed to work in her current role are excellent communication skills and attention to detail. She would also encourage other young females to pursue a career in STEM as there is a vast amount of career opportunities available. Carol’s full interview can be seen below:



Having Carol on board the KCP team has started to even out the ratio of male to females within the organisation with statistics in KCP currently sitting at 45% of employees being women with the remaining 55% being male.

As an ambassador for Developing the Young Workforce – Ayrshire, Wendy would highly encourage other businesses to get involved as she feels within Ayrshire there is not always obvious employment choices due to the vast amount of micro businesses within the area. Having more employers on board would therefore allow for young people to be made aware of the different career choices available to them which Wendy feels is extremely important. You can listen to our full interview with Wendy below:



We would like to thank Wendy and her team at KCP for taking part in our interview and sharing their experiences of working with young people.


kcp 1.jpg
KCP Fleet

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