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“Young people can bring fresh ideas, diversity and an element of fun into your business”

Microtech Group


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With technology continuing to advance every day, careers in the digital industry have become more available now than ever. A massive 80,000 people work in ICT and digital technology career roles across Scotland, with future predictions suggesting that by 2020 the number of people working in digital agencies will increase by a whopping 15%. If this prediction is successful that could mean 11,000 new career opportunities in this industry in Scotland alone in order to meet the future skills demand.

With the prospect of an increase in digital careers coming upon us in the near future, what does a day in the life of a digital genius really consist of ?

We teamed up with Microtech Group to find out exactly why they love their jobs and what they feel is so beneficial about engaging with and recruiting young people into their industry. Here is what their Marketing Magician, Hayley Morell had to tell us…

Variety is the spice of life!

“The last thing any creative person wants is to be in a job where you do the same thing every day. We are lucky that each day is different and brings a new challenge! Whether it be that I.T company who want their social media updated or the design company who want a fully bespoke new website created!

Similar to the above, we work with such a diverse spectrum of people and businesses it’s great fun getting to know everyone and learn what makes them tick! It’s exciting knowing that one morning you could be having coffee with the coach of a curling club to liaising with the bees knees of a structural engineering company by the afternoon!”

All you need is crea-tivi-ty!

“Working in an industry where you have free reign creatively, is one of the monumental benefits! How much is too much? Can there ever be too much? You go creative person; you make that brand stand out!”

Positive vibes all day, err’ day!

“We are artistic enthusiasts and we do what we love. We have a comfortable environment that promotes positive feelings all day every day! Not feeling too hot today? That’s okay, pop on those headphones, get some Summer vibes on and we are sure you’ll be nodding away and drumming that keyboard soon enough!”


“Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends is a passion of ours and we get to keep not only ourselves, but all our clients kitted out with the latest fashions!”

We can’t dance, but we are the face of Diversity!

“Think of our team as a rainbow. We are all unique and individual in our own rights, but together, we make something beautiful!”




It is clear to see that a career in the digital industry, and especially within Microtech Group, is filled full of fun, creativity and teamwork.

So what do Microtech Group find so beneficial about engaging with young people?

“As a Digital Agency driven by creativity, we love to engage with young people in particular when it comes to recruitment.”

Microtech Group feel that young people can bring many traits into their business which are extremely beneficial. Some of these include:

  1. Fresh Ideas
  2. Current and on trend personalities
  3. Enthusiasm and willingness to learn
  4. Improving their working experience
  5. Have grown up using current technologies
  6. Promotes knowledge sharing
  7. Improves our visibility to targeted markets
  8. Adds a fun element to the business
  9. Diversity

With a massive 57% of their own workforce being made up of employees under the age of 24, it can be seen that having young people on board within any business, in this case Microtech Group, can be a great contribution to the success of any organisation.

We would like to thank Hayley Morell and the whole of the Microtech Group for taking part in this blog and giving us a real insight into their own techie world!



Are you willing to engage with young people and want to know how you can get involved? Contact the DYW Ayrshire team today on:

T: 01292 678666



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