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“Ice Cream is very much a trend and having young people on board definitely brings new, fresh ideas into the business.”

Jill Woodburn, Woody’s Ice Cream

With the sun making an appearance across Ayrshire this week and July being named as #IceCreamMonth, we decided to catch up with a local ice cream businesses to learn all about their industry and why having young people on board can be extremely beneficial for their business.

Woody’s Ice Cream, based in Galston – East Ayrshire, have been manufacturing and selling luxury dairy ice cream for over 11 years.  With a close knit team of 5 staff, each individual brings unique skills and qualities to the business which, in turn, enables the business to be diverse and successful.

Managing Director Jill Woodburn explains that up until 3 years ago she had never made ice cream before, despite the business being run by her family for a number of years. When describing how she ended up back working in the business Jill stated:

“I went to University when I left school to do Business and then I went on to do Beauty Therapy. I’ve done full circle and I’m now back in the business and I absolutely love my job.”

Explaining the business in more detail whilst giving us a tour around the working factory, Jill informed us that the milk used in their ice cream comes exclusively from Ayrshire cows. This means the cows themselves have more fat content which in turn makes their product a luxury dairy ice cream due to its creamy and delicious flavour. It’s an early start for the team as the cows are milked every morning at 5.30am where the milk then goes on to make over 50 different varieties of ice cream.

Producing over 1500 litres of ice cream per week, Jill confessed that Vanilla is still known as their best seller with Crunchie McCallum coming a close second. Most of their ice creams are made gluten free to enable their wonderful flavours to be enjoyed by everyone!

Different job roles within the business consist of Quality Control Confectionist, Production Manager, Factory Assistant and Events Organiser to name a few. These members of the team not only produce ice cream, but they also manufacture and sell sorbet, frozen yoghurt and are well known for producing ice cream cakes!

ice cream cake
Ice Cream Cakes

With 2 of her 5 employees being under the age of 24 we asked Jill what she found so beneficial about recruiting young people. Jill stated:

“Having another young person in the team is great as they bring enthusiam and fresh ideas. A lot of employers I have spoken to feel that taking on a young person seems to be a risk but I would say go for it! You can mould a young person to learn the skills the business needs”

Take a look at our full inteview with Jill below:


During our visit to Woody’s we were introduced to 22 year old Factory Assistant Claire Cuthbertson. Claire is currently undertaking her role within Woody’s throughout the summer before going back to University to complete her 4th and final year in Sports Coaching.

As well as working 3 days a week in Woody’s, Claire works a further 2 days in the gym based within the University of the West of Scotland – Ayr campus. When asked how she was made aware of the summer position within Woody’s and what the recruitment process was like, Claire said:

“I found out about the job through Facebook. The recruitment process was pretty straightforward. I had to send a copy of my CV and was then brought in for a trial before getting the job.”

So what advice would Claire give to other young people who may be considering a job in this industry?

“I would say you need to be hardworking and committed to work in this industry. You do learn a lot and it is great experience.”



Claire making Vanilla Tahiti ice cream
Ice Cream Cart 2
Woody’s Ice Cream Cart
Woody's Ice Cream.jpg
Delicious Woody’s Ice Cream

We would like to give a big thank you to Jill, Claire and all the team at Woody’s Ice Cream for taking part in our blog!

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