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The Open

As the drive to compete for the famous Claret Jug comes to an end, we congratulate Champion Golfer of the Year, Henrik Stenson. We’re now reflecting on the week of The Open and focusing on the major operation behind the scenes involving some of Ayrshire’s young people.

Developing the Young Workforce, Ayrshire teamed up with the R&A and Sodexo at the 145th Open at Royal Troon to provide the opportunity for young people in Ayrshire to find a career in hospitality.

Last week 16 – 24 year olds across North, South and East Ayrshire and Ayrshire College Students looking at a career in hospitality were given the chance to work at Royal Troon, where over 200,000 people attended, from 10 – 17 July.

To meet the needs of their work placements the young people took part in a weeks’ hands-on training course carried out by Ayrshire College to equip them with the skills, knowledge and attitudes they would need. The training covered teambuilding, food service, tray carrying, personal presentation, food hygiene and interaction with others.

We caught up with some of the young people after their weeks training.

Here’s what the young people had to say.

Cara McClusky | 16 | Garnock Academy

Juliet Eyres | 16 |  Prestwick Academy


Jaiden Lundie (Jade) | 16 | Greenwood Academy

Pauline Scott, Learner Engagement Office at Ayrshire College was involved in the training of the 16 – 24 year olds and was delighted to share her thoughts and expectations of the young people. Watch the full interview with Pauline here.

During the week of the major sporting event the young people got the experience of working in a wide variety of roles, from serving four – course a la carte lunch in The View restaurant which overlooks the 15th hole, to offering guests a modern take on hospitality in the fun, festival style atmosphere of The Champion Club.

After their weeks’ work experience at The Open we caught up with some of the young people to get a proper insight into what their involvement had been as the event took place.

Cara McClusky | 16 | Garnock Academy

open.pngI worked in the Greenside Club from Thursday – Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at The Open, everyone was supportive and helpful and knew exactly what they were doing. The full events was an amazing opportunity and I am thankful to have the chance to work at The Open.

Sean English | Greenwood Academy

I worked at the set up on Monday, then the Champions in PC2 on Thursday, then was a table cleaner for PC1 Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was overall a good experience.

Juliet Eyres | 16 |  Prestwick Academy

I was plate and wine waiting in the Captain’s Suite at The Open.I learned how to serve guests and clear and prepare tables. I enjoyed learning how to do this and being able to meet people like Nicola Sturgeon. I have learned waitressing skills and working with new people. Overall I enjoyed working in hospitality and this is something I have never considered until now.

Jaiden Lundie (Jade) | 16 | Greenwood Academy

I was working in the Greenside club as a plate waiter and runner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the atmosphere was great. Wonderful staff to work with and amazing managers.

Erin Yorke | Belmont Academy 

As this was my first experience working in catering or a big public event I was extremely nervous but excited to take on the challenge. I was put in the Champions Club as a table cleaner which was quite difficult at first. On the second day I was put in PC1 which, although stressful, was a great experience. On the last two days I was in the 1860 area which was just an incredible opportunity as I have never had the chance to do waitressing in this almost theatrical way before. As an inexperienced waitress I found this so helpful. Overall the 1860 area was my favourite area to work in.

The Open 1

DYW Ayrshire are keen to hear from any local employer in Ayrshire who would be interested in recruiting a young person into their organisation. Claire can be contacted on 01292 678666 or by email cbaird@ayrshire-chamber.org


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