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Ashleigh Scotland (Ltd) is a Private Limited Construction company based in South West and Central Scotland who deliver a range of new build and refurbishment projects. Over the past few months they have been involved in a Construction Partnership Project with S3 Belmont Academy pupils in conjunction with Ayrshire College to give pupils an insight into the various job roles involved in the construction industry.

The project was carried out over a 6 week period where pupils engaged in 8 different lessons, with each group presenting their group task at the end of the project with the winners receiving the ‘Construction Partnership’ award and vouchers to Ryze, Glasgow.

Construction partnership.png
Belmont Academy pupils taking part in the Construction Partnership Project

During this project pupils were given the opportunity to carry out a site visit at one of Ashleigh Scotland’s housing developments in Newton Mearns. This visit enabled pupils to see builds from early to final stages of construction and also gave them a first-hand experience of having a career in this industry.

Along with getting the opportunity to carry out a site visit with Ashleigh Scotland, the youngsters were also given an introductory lesson to Bricklaying. The pupils were shown the correct way to lay and place the bricks resulting in each building  their own separate walls.

ashleigh construction.png
Pupils building their own separate walls

In order to learn about the design side of the business, S3 pupils carried out a Design and Construction Management workshop where they were set the challenge of designing the layout of a new housing development. This included designing a new access road, reasonable sized front and rear gardens and a play area. During this workshop pupils also had to carry out a cost plan for the total costs of the works.

ashleigh desgin.png
Design workshop

With the 6 week programme coming to an end pupils were asked at their final workshop session to present their proposal for the new housing development with the team “Old Trafford” scooping up the winning prize. All pupils were awarded with the Dynamic Youth Award and thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Ashleigh Scotland.

ashleigh final day.png
Final day of the Construction Partnership Project

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