“Raising Skills & Backing Business” is Lantra’s Mantra


“Modern Apprenticeships provide hands-on experience and a nationally recognised qualification. They offer lots of benefits to businesses, from having more dedicated workers to increasing business competitiveness.

Modern Apprenticeships also offer trainees themselves the chance to develop their skills and a career in the sector of their choice. By combining learning in the workplace with off-the-job learning through a training provider, they help apprentices get the skills and knowledge they need.”

Lantra Scotland

The interests of over 24,000 businesses and around 150,000 employees are represented by Lantra Scotland, the sector skills council for land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation industries.

Lantra helps these businesses find the right training for their staff and promotes rewarding and worthwhile careers in the sector, making it easier to find out about the training, qualifications, skills and knowledge required.

The sector is dominated by micro-businesses, with 96% having a workforce of ten or less, and people within it are more likely to be self-employed.

Research carried out by Lantra suggests that there will be a growing demand for new entrants across the different industries, especially for those with ICT, management and technical skills.

AGRICULTURE – There are numerous pathways into this industry, including arable, livestock or mixed farming. Examples of job titles include Grain Buyer, Technical Grower, Dairy Nutritionist, Farmer, Calf Procurement and Production Assistant.

AQUACULTURE – The farming of freshwater and marine plants and animals, including salmon, sea bass, trout, carp, turbot, halibut, mussels, oysters and seaweed

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION – Conserving Scotland’s landscapes and habitats has never been more important, especially with the wider impact of climate change and developments in land use

EQUINE – Providing a wide range of employment opportunities across Scotland, from riding schools, competition and racehorse yards and farriers through to armed forces and mounted police

TREES & TIMBER – Managing or enhancing forests as part of an economically sustainable Scotland

LAND-BASED ENGINEERING – Different pathways include agricultural machinery, entering into the forestry sector, specialising in marketing and demonstrations or research and development

HORTICULTURE – There are two major paths within horticulture; Production Horticulture and Amenity, Landscaping and Sports Turf

GAME AND WILDLIFE – For entrants into this industry there are a number of job roles available including Gamekeeper, Pony Handler, Stalker, Fisheries Manager, Ghillie, Conservation Consultant and Reserve Warden

FISHERIES MANAGEMENT – Job roles within this industry include monitoring and managing fishery habitats, assessing levels and condition of fish stocks or working with the public at a commercial sports fishery

For more information on career opportunities available in these industries, click here.


All these areas depend on suitably trained staff, so find out from 21-year-old farm worker Ryan Paxton what a Modern Apprenticeship in agriculture involves by watching the video below or by clicking here.


If you’re an employer thinking about taking on a Modern Apprentice, there are many benefits for you and your business:

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY – Modern Apprentices get the on-the-job training they need to do their job properly, so can have an immediate and positive effect on your business. Because their training is in the workplace, they learn from the skills and experience of those around them.

MOTIVATE THE WORKFORCE – Modern Apprentices can be new or existing employees, so are likely to become highly motivated and eager to know more. The extra responsibility makes them feel valued and more likely to stay with the business.

GIVES EMPLOYEES RELEVANT TRAINING – Modern Apprenticeships are designed around business needs by industry specialists and so provide employees with relevant and tailored expertise.

AVOID SKILLS SHORTAGES – Changes and innovation are always with us, but by taking on Modern Apprentices, businesses can develop the specialist skills needed to keep pace with the latest technology and working practices in the industry.

To find out more about the work that Lantra Scotland does for the land-based, aquaculture and environmental conservation industries and with Modern Apprenticeships, call 01738 310164, email scotland@lantra.co.uk or visit www.lantra.co.uk/scotland

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