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With today being Pancake Day (Tuesday 28th February) we felt what better way to promote careers in the baking industry than to visit award winning local bakery Brownings the Bakers.

Now in its third generation, Brownings the Bakers was established in 1945 by current Managing Director John Gall’s Grandparents. Over the years the company has grown and expanded winning numerous awards along the way from Best Pie in British Football for their famous Kilmarnock Pie to their most recent award of World Champion Scotch Pie 2017!

We visited the company’s bakery in Kilmarnock to hear about what career opportunities there are within this industry and why John feels it is so important for organisations to invest time and money in recruiting young people.

With a large proportion of John’s 200 employees falling into the 16-24 age category, Brownings the Bakers are dedicated to offering career opportunities to local youngsters. During our visit John informed us that the majority of his staff come into the business once they leave school and follow a four year apprenticeship programme becoming a qualified Baker at the end of this.

“We do recruit a lot of young people into the business. This is normally where their first job is after leaving school and most of them come through the apprenticeship programme.

The apprenticeship is a 4 year programme with the end result making them a qualified baker. During their apprenticeship they work within the confectionary area, the bread area, the scone area and also within the pie factory to help them learn all the skills needed to work within the business.”


Producing a whopping 15,000 pancakes per day there was definitely a great buzz around the factory with John stating these pancakes are sold not only within the Brownings shops but are also sold throughout Aldi, Tesco, Waitrose and Dobbies stores all across Scotland.

With 72 Scottish Aldi stores receiving a Brownings the Bakers delivery every morning the demand for John’s products is huge. In order to meet this demand the Kilmarnock bakery produces weekly on average 55,000 scones, 65,000 pies, including that of their award winning Kilmarnock Pie, and an enormous 700,000 rolls!

John believes that young people are definitely the future of the baking industry and feels they bring numerous benefits to the business. Due to this he regularly encourages other organisations to recruit young people in order to reap these benefits and work towards a stronger more diverse workforce.

“I would definitely recommend for other businesses to start recruiting young people. These youngsters are the future of the baking industry and it must be the same for all other industries as well so I would highly recommend recruiting them as soon as possible.”

To watch our full interview with John and some Behind the Scenes footage of the factory watch our video below or click here.

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