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The Ayrshire Modern Apprenticeship Community Challenge runs annually from March – August and is a great way for local businesses to showcase the benefits apprentices bring to not only their organisation but the local community as well. The main objectives of the challenge are:

  • To demonstrate the quality of apprentices/trainees employed in Ayrshire
  • To demonstrate the high level of training offered by Ayrshire companies/organisations
  • To forge links between local companies and local communities
  • To raise the profile of local companies taking part
  • To highlight the Modern Apprentice movement in Ayrshire
  • To encourage more young people to consider a Modern Apprenticeship
  • To encourage more local companies to consider offering Modern Apprenticeships

The challenge has been successfully running now in Ayrshire for 14 years and has seen apprentices from various companies undertaking a number of different projects including revamping local community gardens, raising the awareness of local icons, educational talks in schools, build of a 50’s style juke box and many more.

Apprentices can be entered into the challenge on a group or individual basis undertaking their chosen project between March – August and completing a portfolio of work based on this. Once completed apprentices and their employers are invited to attend a finale event where apprentices will present their project to a panel of judges and a wider audience where four awards are up for grabs! These include:

  • Overall Winner Award
  • Most Innovative Project
  • Award for Best Presentation
  • Developing the Young Workforce Award

Last year’s award for Best Presentation was given to the apprentices at GE Caledonian who explained they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the challenge and would definitely encourage others to do the same. But what would their advice be to those who may be taking part in the 2017 challenge?

“Make sure and do plenty of research before starting the task. Plan out what you’re going to do so you know who is going to be doing what part of the project. That way you can work to the timescale.”

Darren Tolmie, GE Caledonian Modern Apprentice

To watch our full interview with the GE Caledonian Modern Apprentices from last year’s challenge watch the video below or click here.

With the apprentices at GE Caledonian delighted to have won an award we wanted to hear from their Mentor, Stephen McNab to hear why he decided to put his team of four apprentices forward for the challenge and why he would encourage others to do the same:

“I think it’s important for the young people of the business to understand social commitments and projects in the community. It’s really benefical for them to work together, gain team working skills and additional skills that they may not normally experience.

For any businesses who are considering entering the challenge absolutely go for it. It is definitely worthwhile, the young people get excellent exposure they wouldn’t normally get and as individual’s it helps to develop them and is a social commitment to the community.”

To watch our full interview with Stephen watch the video below or click here.

During last years award ceremony the apprentices from North Ayrshire Council scooped up two awards including Overall Winner and Award for Innovation Within a Project. Rebecca Wyper, Business Administration and Library Support Modern Apprentice explained she found the experience invaluable and one she and the team thoroughly enjoyed.

“The best part about participating in the challenge was the freedom that we had. We were able to take the challenge and put our own spin on it which is why we made it more modern by creating the e-book and implementing a Twitter feed. I felt this was good as we created things that took a lot of skills to do, ones which we didn’t have beforehand that we can now use within our jobs and daily workload.”

So for all you Ayrshire business owners out there who currently have a Modern Apprentice or number of apprentices on your team why not register them for this fantastic opportunity. Not only will your apprentices learn and develop new skills during the process but your business will gain some great benefits as taking part in this well known challenge will help to raise your business’s profile.

If you would like to take part in the Ayrshire Modern Apprenticeship Challenge 2017 please fill in the contact form below or email

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