Here’s Jonny

Jonny Faulkner, S4 pupil at Belmont Academy, completes his weeks work experience placement at the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce in Prestwick. Here’s what he has to say!


My Name is Jonny Faulkner and I am in S4 at Belmont Academy. I really enjoy business at school and wanted to go the Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce to see what working in an office is like.

During my week at the Chamber of Commerce I saw what it’s like to work in a business office environment. The first day I sat in at the Chamber’s Team Meeting I already got a great understanding of what it is the Chamber aim to do. I then went with Emma who is part of the DYW Ayrshire team to Doon Academy to see a careers day in progress this is only one of the things that the Chamber organise.  Throughout the week I went out to many different events organised by the Chamber and had the opportunity to take part in a flight simulator at Ayrshire College. I also went to meetings with Emma to see how things like the careers day starts.  Furthermore I did basic office jobs for example I scanned work experience forms for Steven. I also spent just a few minutes with different members of staff in the office and talked to them about what their specific role is at the Chamber, this really opened my eyes to the variety of different tasks the chamber deals with.

By the end of the week I had a great understanding of what the Chamber of Commerce is like to work in and what it is like in an office environment. By Friday I was very comfortable around the other members of staff this is thanks to their great kindness they were all very nice to me and I am very thankful for this.

Working for this week has helped open my eyes to the opportunities the future could hold for me. I would highly recommend going out on a work placement if you get the chance it is a great opportunity and there is always something to learn.


If your business does not already offer work experience placement but would like to get involved contact Steven or Suzanne today on 01292 678666 or email  / .


4567 8   4567899



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