Meet the apprentice – Ryan Mulraney, Microtech Group


“Young people can bring fresh ideas, diversity and an element of fun into your business”

Microtech Group

To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2018, we are introducing a number of apprentices.

First up is 17-year-old Ryan Mulraney who is an Apprentice Service Desk Analyst with Microtech Group.

Microtech Group are an award-winning organisation based in Kilmarnock consisting of distinct companies that have been specialising in the delivery of complementary end-to-end IT services to the public, private and third sector for over 30 years.

Established in 1986, Microtech Support offer customised IT and telecoms support solutions for small and large corporate companies, from installing applications and networking to security and total cover maintenance.

In 2015, the Microtech Group was formed when Managing Director Chris McMail strengthened the company portfolio with the acquisition of failing digital marketing agency Paligap Brands, now Microtech Digital and e-health specialists Telehealth Solutions.


Ryan Mulraney is a 17 year old Apprentice Service Desk Analyst with Microtech Group

As you were growing up what were your thoughts about a career?

I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I liked technology and IT but didn’t know what I could do. I didn’t really enjoy school so always knew I wanted to leave when I was old enough.

What made you apply for your apprenticeship?

I have always been interested in IT. Microtech is also local to me and is known as a reputable company. I didn’t want to work for a really big company where no one would help me.

How did you hear about Microtech’s apprenticeship?

My career advisor at school put me in contact with QA Apprenticeships and I submitted my CV. The company then contacted me and told me about vacancies that matched my skills and interests.

What duties and responsibilities do you undertake within your current job role?

I answer the service desk calls and log tickets. If the issue is easily fixed, i.e. routers, I can log on and do that.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I find the problem-solving aspect the most interesting. For example, if a customer phones about a problem with their router, it’s my job to identify the problem and find a solution.

What challenges have you faced?

When an irate customer calls and I am trying to get information from them I need to keep calm, confident and in control of the call.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambition is to become a Network Engineer. After I complete my Level 6 apprenticeship I can go on to specialise in a Level 8 qualification

What advice would you give to other young people who may be considering an apprenticeship within this industry?

If you feel like further education isn’t right for you, an apprenticeship is definitely the best thing to get involved with. It’s the best decision I have made.

Microtech Group agree with the premise that “Apprenticeships are good for business and good for individulas”. We are therefore delighted to welcome Chris McMail to our blog. Chris McMail is Managing Director of Microtech Group.

What opportunities are available within your industry?

As Microtech Group has many facets we have multiple opportunities for anyone wishing to embark on an apprenticeship with us. These include careers in IT Support, (software and hardware applications) Digital Media and telecoms but to name a few.

Why are apprentices important for Microtech?

Microtech Group agree with the premise that ‘Apprenticeships are good for business and good for individual’s having employees with the right skills is one of the most important factors in realising our company’s ambitions.

Here at Microtech, we believe in growing our own. Apprenticeships allow us to utilise our great technical capabilities to train and nurture the future of Microtech. Young people have no preconceived ideas or bad habits, and thus allowing us to mould them into fantastic IT or digital professionals!”

How do you tailor apprenticeships to get the best out of them?

Working with partners such as QA and YouTrain, Microtech Group can offer a structured training program which includes mentoring and offsite training to enable staff to progress within their chosen career path.

What skills and qualities do you look for in a young person?

Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are probably the most important qualities we look for in a young person. Working with our teams, we believe we will be able to help that individual grow in both knowledge and experience as they develop throughout their career.

What would you say are the benefits of apprenticeships to a young person?

Kicking of a career with an apprenticeship is a great way to get a head start in the field you want to work in. Apprenticeships enable an individual to start working and earn a decent wage while they learn key and gain the qualifications that future employers want.

Would you encourage other employers to get involved and offer apprenticeships to young people?

Yes definitely. If they have the capabilities to support and nurture an apprentice, then it wouldn’t be a decision they would regret.




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