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Gavin Smith, S4 pupil at Belmont Academy, completed his weeks work experience placement at LMA Architects in Ayr which lead to a summer placement. Here’s what he has to say!

My name is Gavin Smith and I have just moved into 5th year at Belmont Academy. In my earlier years at secondary I had, and still have, an interest in the subject Graphics. Not only am I quite good at it and got an A in my final exam, but I also enjoy it. When choosing my work experience placement last year I decided to pursue a job linked to my favourite subject at school, which I thought was architecture, and was lucky enough to get a place working at an architects’ practice called LMA Charted Architects for a week.

During my week at LMA Charted Architects I experienced what it was like to be an architect. While working, I was using a variety of different software to create and produce a house design that I had been tasked with. I enjoyed doing this, as not only was it a new challenge different to anything  I had ever done before, but I quickly developed a good understanding of what it might be like to choose this as a career. Personally, I found it very interesting and another positive part about my work experience was that I got to see what the working environment was like and interact with the people who work there.

After my work experience I was very fortunate to receive a summer job at LMA, an offer which I could not refuse. I was delighted with this and started working with the company from Monday to Wednesday every week for the majority of summer. Although I missed a fair bit of my holidays, I gained knowledge which many people don’t receive until they have left secondary school. Working for more than just a week allowed me to make more of a contribution towards the business, as I got to work on a variety of live projects, and have some more laughs with the staff!

Another positive thing to take out of my job was that I got some much needed insight from a couple of younger members of staff, getting some information on qualifications and what it’s like at college and university. My friends weren’t able to get the same experience, as I was getting paid for something that I might potentially take up in the future.  Therefore, I strongly recommend more young people like me go in for work experience because it’s a great opportunity and can send you in the right direction for future career choices.

If your business does not already offer work experience placement but would like to get involved contact Steven or Suzanne today on 01292 678666 or email  /


4567 8   4567899



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