My Apprenticeship with Ashleigh Scotland


Ashleigh Building is committed to the investment in skills and abilities of their workforce. They encourage and support all personnel to develop and reach their potential.

They have built up a strong and loyal team of personnel, including Contract Managers, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Estimators, Business Development, Human Resource, Account and Administrative staff.  They also have their own team of trade operatives including, Painters, Joiners, Bricklayers, Scaffolders, Telehandler Operatives and Semi-Skilled Operatives. Ashleigh operate an apprenticeship programme, to both trade and professionals, who are given balanced training to ensure they develop and progress to meet their high standards.

We recently spoke with two of Ashleigh’s new apprentices, 16 year old Grant Anderson and 17 year old Zoe McDowell to hear about their journeys to where they are today and about the different experiences within their job roles.

With both Grant and Zoe just starting their Joinery apprenticeship we thought it would be a great idea to follow them on their journey throughout the different stages to see their development.

Grant who was involved in Ashleigh’s Construction Partnership Project in 2017 was successful in obtaining an apprenticeship with Ashleigh when he left school this year. We asked him how he has found his first few weeks at Ashleigh.

How have you found your first few weeks with Ashleigh?

The first few weeks have been really enjoyable as I have been learning lots of new skills and knowledge from working with Ashleigh employees.

What have your duties been during these first few weeks?

I have been working as a first fix joiner on flats, where I have fitted glass wool, paper, flooring, stairs and fitted sheets.

How did you find the recruitment process?

The recruitment process was very fast. I sent my CV to Ashleigh and was given an interview which I was made to feel very comfortable. I then received a phone call offering me the apprenticeship.

What inspired you into your chosen trade?

My interest in the construction industry was sparked at a young age as I like to work with my hands and create things. I also often would help my dad at home with maintenance through the years. I also decided on joinery as a career with being involved in Ashleigh’s Construction Partnership Project at Belmont Academy. This allowed me to get a taste of the different trades such as joinery, bricklaying and painting and decorating.

What advice would you give to other young people who may be considering a career in this industry?

Think carefully when selecting your choices at school and keep in mind what subjects would best suit your chosen career. I would also suggest to try and take advantage of any opportunities within the school such as work experience as this can not only benefit you when applying for your chosen career but to decide what career would best suit you.

Zoe took a different route from Grant when leaving school. She went to Ayrshire College to do a MPA in Carpentry and Joinery which provided her with the opportunity to see what Joinery was like as a career first. This helped her to build her confidence.


We asked Zoe to share her thoughts on how she has found her first few weeks at Ashleigh.

How have you found your first few weeks with Ashleigh?

My first few weeks at Ashleigh have been very interesting. I have learned new skills which have been a lot more hands on than what college was.

What have your duties been during these first few weeks?

My duties have involved plaster boarding, wood cuttings, putting paper on and moving stuff. I have found this a lot harder than college.

How did you find the recruitment process?

I found out about the job through the college. I put my CV in and got an interview, I then got offered the apprenticeship a few hours later.

What inspired your chosen trade?

I think by having a female as my woodwork teacher it inspired me to choose this trade. I hadn’t really thought about it until my fourth year at school but really enjoy it.

Watch our interview with Grant below and some behind the scenes action footage.



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