About Us

Hello & Welcome!

We are Developing the Young Workforce – Ayrshire! 

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is the Scottish Government’s youth employment strategy, a seven year national programme to develop the young workforce and reduce youth unemployment by 40 per cent by 2021!

An Ayrshire DYW private sector Regional Group has now been established with the aim to:

  • Encourage and support employers to engage directly with schools and colleges
  • Encourage more employers to recruit more young people

DYW wants employers to play an active role, both shaping and benefiting from Scotland’s education system, by helping to create the talent pool they need and recruiting young employees.


There are 4 members in our team here at DYW Ayrshire where we are all committed and dedicated to making this project as successful as possible.

Claire Baird – DYW Project Executive

Gillian Cameron – DYW Employer Engagement Officer

Danielle McPherson – DYW Communications & Administration Officer

Natalie Bruce – DYW Communications & Administration Officer


(From back to front: Gillian, Danielle, Natalie, Claire)


Are you an employer in Ayrshire who would like to engage more with young people or hear more about DYW? Get in touch today!

Email: info@dywayrshire.com

Tel: 01292 678666

Website: www.dywayrshire.com

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